Who We Are.

When it comes to providing full-service strategic advertising and public relations, Momentum is the best of both worlds. Big agency experience and expertise balanced with small agency flexibility. All of us at Momentum have owned our own agencies and know what it takes to deliver results. We also share the philosophy that bigger doesn’t mean better. Momentum has stripped away the clutter of the big agency “chain of command” so our clients can deal directly with Momentum principles. We are the decision makers and we are the doers.

Momentum knows you don’t have to be big to think big which we prove everyday. We also don’t worry how many clients we have, just that the ones we do have, know they always come first.

Laura Muir

President - Account Executive, Media & Public Relations Director

Laura has been gaining momentum since she “flipped the script” on her successful advertising career after serving as agency director of the Muir Agency for 17 Years.
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Andrew Hershberger

Creative Director

Andrew manages that blend of creating perfect solutions for Momentum’s clients that strike the perfect balance between out of the box creative and solutions driven execution.
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Steve Haggart


Steve majored in Journalism at the University of Kansas and began his career as an advertising copywriter on the client side before landing his first agency job with Valentine-Radford in Kansas City, Missouri.
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Amy Osborne

Finance/Accounting/Media Coordinator

Amy received her Bachelors of Science Degree in Finance, at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.
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