What We Do.

As a full service Advertising and Public Relations firm we do just about everything. With our combined experience we have the track record to prove it. Whether you need a complete corporate brand identity for a new business, a fully integrated marketing strategy with a comprehensive multi-tiered advertising campaign; a public relations initiative to increase awareness; or to maximize your marketing budget with added value- we are ready to put you first as a client. It doesn’t matter your company’s size or how long you have been in business. We, at Momentum, have provided the highest quality marketing services for corporations with global reach to companies affectionately known as “mom & pops.”

Developing a strategic plan and service package is the first step to your success. Every company is unique and thus every plan we create is individualized. We have the resources and expertise in all marketing mediums from broadcast, outdoor, print advertising, corporate collateral, to on-line and social media. If you have a passion to grow your business and a desire to share your vision with Momentum, we’re here to put you first!



“The Albert Vein Institute hired Momentum Advertising & Public Relations in 2006 as we launched the new Institute, to handle our branding, advertising and public relations. Laura and her team have helped us build significant awareness in the field of venous disease treatment.”

James D. Albert, M.D.

“It is so nice to work with people like Laura and Andrew who actually take the time and initiative to really think about our business and how they can help us. Most folks just want to get the task at hand done, so they can get paid and move on. Momentum is different and we appreciate it.”

Douglas L. Truitt
Executive Director
Mercedes-Benz Club of America

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