Been There, Done That.

There isn’t much we haven’t done. With our combined experience in industries as diverse as Gaming, Travel & Tourism, Sports & Recreation to Healthcare, Banking and Non-profit Organizations, we have the insight and experience to give you the momentum you need to elevate your brand and expand your market share.

Take a look at a few examples that showcase not only the depth of our creative, but also the integrated marketing strategy that we have implemented to create successful solutions for our clients.

  • donkey derby days portfolio sample

    Cripple Creek

    Donkey Derby Days

    The 79th Annual Donkey Derby Days is the City of Cripple Creek’s signature event and attracts tens of thousands of people from across the state of Colorado and beyond. Long known for it’s unique homespun heritage events, such as the tobacco spitting contest, the Mountain Mamma relay race and of course the donkey races, our 2010 campaign evokes the true essence of the 3 day event; fun!

  • Cripple Creek

    Donkey Derby Days

    The 79th Annual Donkey Derby Days :30 Television Commercial.

  • summerfest portfolio sample

    Cripple Creek


    In 2008, the City of Cripple Creek decided to combine Donkey Derby Days, a Chile Cook-Off and the Fourth of July celebration, into a three-weekend long umbrella event dubbed “SummerFest”. To provide continuity throughout the three weekends, they brought together festivities such chain-saw woodcarving, sand sculpture artistry; live music, fireworks, etc. at each weekend event.

    Momentum created a multi-media advertising campaign designed to accomplish several objectives:
    • Attract young adults, families and core gaming customers;
    • Create a fun-filled “summer at the beach” atmosphere; and
    • Remind potential visitors of Cripple Creek’s heritage and history

    Attendance for all three weekends of SummerFest exceeded the City of Cripple Creek’s expectations; total attendance was over 75,000.

  • Albert Vein Institute portfolio sample

    Albert Vein Institute

    Corporate Identity

    Dr. James D. Albert, one of Colorado Springs leading Cardio thoracic Surgeons, approached Momentum in 2006 to assist him in launching his own private practice, the Albert Vein Institute. We created his logo and brand identity, as Colorado’s Center of Excellence for the diagnosis and treatment of venous disease, and managed his multi-media annual marketing campaigns for three years. He has become nationally recognized for his work at the Institute and his practice is now well established. He recently expanded by opening a second location to serve patients in Denver.

    *designed by Melanie Stahl.

  • Gastroenterology Associates of Colorado Springs portfolio sample

    Gastroenterology Associates
    of Colorado Springs

    Up Yours Colon
    Cancer Awareness

    Colon cancer is no laughing matter but sometimes the most effect way to create a resonating public awareness message is with humor. Not only did this multi-tiered campaign garner community attention including a write up in the Colorado Springs Independent, but also increased colonoscopy screenings during Colon Cancer Awareness month.

  • Mercedes-Benz Club of America portfolio sample

    Mercedes-Benz Club
    of America

    Brand Revitalization

    One of the newest additions of Momentum’s list of valued clients, MBCA has hired us to help revitalize their brand through a complete redevelopment of the existing membership and overall marketing programs.

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